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SG Importer strives to provide the best one stop China product importing solution in Singapore.

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China has grown strong and mighty since the industrial revolution in 1978. Everywhere you look, it seems that everything is made in China. In fact, there are tons of manufactures and suppliers in China of everything imaginable. However, finding the right supplier requires lots of work especially when you are not in China and are unfamiliar with the background and quality of these suppliers.

This is where SG Importer comes in. We are a Singaporean company that is based in Singapore and you can rest assured that we are not an unknown shady character hidden behind a computer screen thousands of miles away in China that could disappear with your hard earned money faster than you can say what? At SG Importer, we have established networks in China that allows us to take full advantage of our “guanxi” in China and we only work with reputable manufacturers and suppliers to provide our fellow Singaporean companies quality products at the optimum pricing. Sourcing in China is a form of art as having the right relationship is key and best pricing may sometimes be too good to be true. Oh and did we mention that getting a product sourcing quotation is FREE and non obligatory?

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