China’s Top 10 Exports

June 23 2015

Exports from China amounted to US$2.282 trillion in 2015, up 20.2% since 2011 but down -2.6% from 2014 to 2015. China’s top 10 exports accounted for 67.6% of the overall value of its global shipments.

Based on statistics from the International Monetary Fund’s World Economic Outlook Database, China’s total Gross Domestic Product amounted to $19.51 trillion in 2015.

Therefore, exports accounted for about 11.7% of total Chinese economic output.

From a continental perspective, 50.3% of Chinese exports by value are delivered to Asian countries while 20.8% are sold to other Asian importers. China ships another 17.7% worth to North American clients and 4.8% arriving in Africa.

Given China’s population of 1.367 billion people, its total $2.282 trillion in 2015 exports translates to roughly $1,669 for every resident in that country.

China’s unemployment rate was 4.05% as of December 2015 according to Trading Economics.

China’s Top 10 Exports

The following export product groups represent the highest dollar value in Chinese global shipments during 2015. Also shown is the percentage share each export category represents in terms of overall exports from China.

  1. Electronic equipment: US$600.3 billion (26.3% of total exports)
  2. Machines, engines, pumps: $364.5 billion (16%)
  3. Furniture, lighting, signs: $98.7 billion (4.3%)
  4. Knit or crochet clothing: $83.8 billion (3.7%)
  5. Clothing (not knit or crochet): $78.5 billion (3.4%)
  6. Medical, technical equipment: $73.8 billion (3.2%)
  7. Plastics: $65.8 billion (2.9%)
  8. Vehicles: $62.7 billion (2.7%)
  9. Iron or steel products: $60.6 billion (2.7%)
  10. Footwear: $53.6 billion (2.3%)

Furniture, lighting and signs were the fastest-growing among the top 10 export categories, up 66.4% for the 5-year period starting in 2011.

In second place for improving export sales were plastics which rose 44.9%.

Chinese electronic equipment posted the third-fastest gain in value at 34.7%, followed by footwear up by 28.5%.

The slowest-growing among the top 10 Chinese exports was machinery which appreciated a tepid 3% and knit or crochet clothing which was up by 4.6%.

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